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  • Your Watertight Plan: Grip Seal Bags

    Finding a piece of packaging that’s as practical as it is secure can prove a tricky task. Here at ODL, however, we’re always up for the challenge, with our Grip Seal Bags working their pragmatic magic. More commonly known as zip lock bags, learn how these packaging pros have your back, from storing the kids’ lunchtime nibbles to looking after those fragile electronics.

    Whatever the Weather

    Of course, we’re hardly inviting you to abandon your grip seal bags to the ravages of the British weather. That being said, these small bags are surprisingly resilient, boasting excellent moisture resistance. You needn’t worry about delivering even the most sensitive electronic component or precious piece of jewellery in these watertight grip seal bags. The secure seal feature is partially to thank for this ability, remaining firmly closed until the receiver chooses to open it.

    On a Side Note

    You can quite literally make a side note on our panelled grip seal gaps. Whether you’re poised with that permanent marker or have a ballpoint handy, these convenient write-on panels allow you to keep tabs on exactly what’s inside.

    Get your packaging plans fully watertight and choose from our plain or panelled bags, available in a variety of sizes and quantities. Simply call our friendly sales team on 01785 760055 to order today or look online for our full range of high-quality products.

  • A Strong Suit: Postal Tubes

    From those all-important official documents to the prized posters countless teenagers plan on hanging in their bedroom, ODL’s selection of postal tubes perfectly fit the job. With strength and durability on their side, we’re revealing how these quality packaging products keep your goods entirely intact.

    Hard-wearing Option

    Our postal tubes are your proverbial tough guy: made of high-density, spiral wound cardboard, these products positively embody durability. Thanks to this clever design, you needn’t worry about potential damage to your goods whilst they’re out on the road. What’s more, with their thick plastic plugs at either end of the tube, the packaging’s water resistance is promoted. Simply stick some extra tape around the ends to fully seal them up, and you’re good to go.

    Finding a (Re)purpose

    Arguably the best thing about these versatile products is that they’re completely reusable. Made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials, the postal tubes can be used time and again, be it for long-term storage or simply sending on further documents or goods. Better yet, you’re spoilt for choice. If you’re looking to make an impression, our coloured cardboard A4 postal tubes do exactly that, adding a touch of drama to the delivery. A4 just too big? Also available in A1, A2 and A3, we’ve got your back.

    Whether you’re sending crucial documentation to clients or delivering a sought-after artwork to your customer’s door, our postal tubes are (quite literally) the strongest solution. Simply browse our full-range of our products online today. Alternatively, you can order today by giving our ever-helpful sales team a quick ring on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Carry It off with Our Carrier Bags

    If you work in retail, you’ll know only too well that image really is everything. That said, keeping on top of an eye-catching window display isn’t the only opportunity to showcase your shop’s impeccable style. When it comes to ODL’s choice of high-quality carrier bags, we’re urging you not to neglect those lasting impressions.

    The Luxury Look

    Heading up a flourishing boutique? Or perhaps you’ve got a shop full of lovely luxury goods? Whatever you do, don’t let the standard slip. Thanks to the classy design of our Black and Gold Stripe Plastic Carrier Bags, your customers can revel in that sense of luxury from the moment they step in to the moment they leave. Better yet, with these HDPE polythene bags being fully recyclable, you can subtly advocate your brand’s green credentials. Who knew a carrier bag could do so much?

    A Splash of Colour

    Alternatively, your shop might be vying against a host of high-street heavyweights. In which case, throw your hat into the ring and make a statement with our vibrant Varigauge Carrier Bags. Coming in 8 attractive colours, from Harrods green to deep burgundy, these stand-out bags can even be emblazoned with your company branding. What’s more, these packaging wonders are tougher than their looks suggest. Combine this durability with their striking design, and your customers are bound to reuse them, boosting your business’ environmental awareness.

    Is your business after a statement piece? Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, you can carry it off with our quality carrier bags. Just call our friendly sales team today on 01785 76 00 55 to order or to discuss custom options.

  • Bag of Tricks

    Here at ODL, we’re putting our array of top-quality bags on show. No, they might not be the high-fashion type, but we can guarantee one thing: you’ll soon be glad for their practical virtues.

    Light as a Feather

    When it comes to posting your parcel, we understand that you want packaging peace of mind. Luckily, our 80g clear polythene plastic bags are cleverly designed to give your delivery that essential extra layer of protection without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Keeping your goods from dust and moisture, these handy bags can be easily slotted into your external packaging. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Though lightweight, these sturdy bags are truly hardwearing meaning you can go on to use them time and again if needed. Similarly, our clear grip seal bags available plain or panelled are fully watertight, putting any contamination worries to rest throughout delivery.

    A Heavyweight

    Perhaps you have an altogether more industrial purpose in mind? In which case, our 100 micron 400g clear polythene bags perfectly match the job description. Being the thickest polythene bags in our collection, you needn’t worry about being heavy handed with these hardwearing products. From fine gravel to nuts and bolts, your construction components can be taken care of with these versatile bags.

    Delve into our bag of tricks by browsing our full-range of products online today. Alternatively, you can order your packaging bags in bulk today by contacting our ever-helpful sales team on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Seal the Deal

    Sometimes it’s the unassuming heroes that deserve some praise. In the case of our simple but effective Grip Seal Bags, that story couldn’t be truer. We don’t want to labour the point, but here at ODL we’ve been busy outlining how these high quality bags really seal the deal on your storage solutions.


    Variety is the spice of life and when it comes to finding alternative storage options, Grip Seal Bags (otherwise known as zip lock bags) certainly tick the ‘versatile’ box. Whether you’re looking to store fragile items, for instance small electrical appliances, or even looking to tidily organise your kitchen, these nifty little bags can accommodate. Thanks to their watertight nature, you needn’t worry about moisture negatively affecting the contents, with the secure seal further eliminating any chance of contamination. What’s more, once the initial purpose of your bag has run its course, who’s saying what else you can put it to use for? Being readily reusable, these bags are a wise economical choice.


    Aside from the obvious practical benefits of their moisture resistance, the thoughtful design behind these products doesn’t end there. In need of a simple food storage option? With our Grip Seal Panel Bags, you can easily label the contents of your bag accordingly. Working with ballpoints and permanent markers, the panel conveniently allows you to keep tabs on crucial best-before dates.

    Get a ‘grip’ on your storage solutions today with these handy bags. With either plain or panelled bags available in a variety of sizes and quantities, the choice is entirely yours. Simply order online or call our friendly sales team today on 01785 76 00 55.

  • It’s in the Bag

    With supermarkets having brought in the notorious (though environmentally friendly) five pence charge for carrier bags, it’s about time to follow suit and fit out your retail store with an equally ecological solution. That’s where our HDPE polythene bags and varigauge carrier bags step in. What’s more, we think their versatility might just surprise you.

    Re-Use or Recycle

    Far from abandoning the plastic carrier bag, here at ODL we’ve identified a practical compromise. By ensuring our bags are 100% recyclable, it’s possible for your company to invest in these handy pieces of packaging without developing a guilty conscious. Alternatively, thanks to their high quality manufacture, it’s also possible for customers to simply re-use their carrier bags, meaning they too can maximise their own green credentials. Boasting a 4” reinforced bottom gusset, not to mention double thickness of 90 microns around the handle, our varigauge carrier bags are a truly durable option.

    That Finishing Touch

    Aside from the convenience of providing your customers with a packaging solution for their purchase, investing in our attractive carrier bags also leaves a lasting impression about your company itself. Indicating that you take pride in the presentation of your products, we offer a range of designs to choose from. Whether you select the understated, classy carrier, coming in black and gold stripes, or opt for our vibrant varigauge bags available in 8 colours, you’ll be leaving customers with a subtle reminder of your attention to detail.

    Available in a variety of sizes and quantities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Pull it out of the bag and order your wholesale carrier bags online today or call our friendly sales team on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Why the Old is the Best: Envelopes

    In our age of progression, it can sometimes be easy to simply dismiss the more traditional methods in our midst. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean those old-timers are no longer valid. When it comes to the trusty envelope, for instance, this mailing solution has most certainly stood the test of time. With the New Year in reaching distance, ODL has been getting nostalgic and looking into why, just sometimes, the old ways really are the best.

    Quick and Easy

    If there’s one thing that can’t be denied about envelopes, it’s that they’re one heck of a swift solution. Providing you with a one-stop form of packaging, you can use these products to send anything from essential documentation to DVDs and CDs. There’s no need to worry about desperately rummaging around trying to find the duct tape to piece together that all-too-flimsy parcel. What’s more, your package can arrive in style with minimal effort on your part, thanks to our selection of Coloured A6 Board Backed Envelopes. Combining dazzling good looks with practicality, these high-quality envelopes come in a variety of vibrant colours and provide additional protection with their 550 GSM card backing. That’s what we call an efficient piece of packaging.


    If you have confidential papers or an item of value to deliver, then it’s vital you find an envelope providing heightened security.  Admittedly, in this area our envelopes have had something of an upgrade from the more traditional ‘lick and stick’ enclosing method. With the peel & seal feature included in our Board Backed Manilla Envelopes, it’s possible to securely enclose your goods with this adhesive strip, making the envelope itself essentially tamper-proof.

    To Bubble or Not To Bubble?

    Okay, so maybe there’s more than one improvement we’ve made to the traditional envelope. But when it comes to ensuring your product gets to the customer safely without any preventable breakages along the way, we’re sure you’ll forgive us for this slight redesign. Using a Quality Air Cap sealed bubble layer, our Mail Lite Plus Envelopes can give you additional peace of mind during the mailing process. Combining this strong padding with their durable design, this product is the perfect example of how envelopes have resisted going over the hill, just yet. Browse our full selection of quality products online today or call our sales team directly on 01785 76 00 55 to order yours.

  • Delivering Some Christmas Cheer

    With frost setting in and temperatures plummeting, the wintry weather is well and truly upon us, with a raft of new obstacles for your delivery needs. But we don’t want to drag you down. After all, there’s at least one great thing these chillier months bring with them- Christmas. Combining attractive design with practicality, your company’s chance to spread some festive cheer this season comes in the form of ODL’s Metallic Christmas Bubble Lined Mailing Bags, available in green and red. What’s more, these clever little packaging solutions even have an answer to the less-than-hospitable weather. Whoever said bags had to be basic?

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    That’s right. Aside from bringing a burst of much-needed colour with their vibrant snowflake design, our mailing bags are winter-proof. Thanks to their thermal and water resistant exterior you needn’t worry about the changeable yuletide weather any longer. Whether they’re caught in torrential downpours or even a smattering of snow, these dependable bags will get your package to its destination without so much as a raindrop getting through.

    What a Lightweight

    These bags are utter lightweights. We mean it- your Grandma with her glass of sherry could rival them. The bag’s proficient polythene material gives you a featherweight parcel, so the delivery won’t break the bank in the process. What’s more, there’s no reason that the lightweight nature of these bags should make you question the safety of the product inside. The protective bubble lining encircles your yuletide goods with an effective barrier to keep cargo from damage throughout the delivery process. In other words, your Christmas joy will be unmarred by any untimely delivery woes.

    The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    You thought the benefits of these nifty little mailing bags were over? Well, we aren’t done quite yet. These bags boast some serious hipster chic credentials. Aside from their good looks, coming in traditional green and red, they’re also doing their bit for the environment, with it being possible to reuse them when next Christmas comes around. Now if that’s not something to sing and dance over, then we’re not in the festive season. Get your mailing bags today by calling our friendly sales team on 01785 76 00 55 or browse through our full selection of office supplies online today.

  • Finding the Functional Fix

    Here at ODL, we understand that more often than not, general office supplies seem to be there one minute, and vanished into thin air the next. This commercial conundrum can leave your employees scrambling for the last piece of paper, or scouring for residual stock, all the while using up precious business time. It’s with the hope of ridding workplaces of this frustration that our Staffordshire based supplies address business needs, providing practical solutions to prevent those office stalemates.

    Taking the Orderly Approach

    We have to admit it: we’ve got something of a passion for organisation. With our high-quality office products, it’s possible for you to inherit some of that organisational zeal and put it to good business use. From our selection of multi colour or plain dividers to handy punched pockets, critical documents can be efficiently and safely consigned to our ringbinders, minimising downtime unnecessarily spent searching for those elusive records. What’s more, with our supplies available in bulk, you’ll be able to put your forward-planning to the test with the help of our long-term solutions.

    Communication is Key

    Living in a world of constant communication with instant messaging at our fingertips, we can lose sight of the need for physical announcements. Offices are inevitably busy environments, with emails bouncing from user to user. Yet in amongst the buzz of all these virtual conversations, it’s vital to keep your office abreast of collective responsibilities- and we’ve found that, just sometimes, a functional fix is best found in the simpler solutions. From the trusty notice board to ever-reliable whiteboards, employees can be succinctly reminded of upcoming events or projects, without the distraction of those continual computerised messages. To labour our point further, with just 7% of communication being verbal, it’s useful to find an effective prop to help elaborate your points in crucial business meetings. Cue the humble flip chart. An office essential for decades, this product has stood the test of time, and with its simple practicality it’s deserving of a place in any office.

    Delivering Affordable Answers

    Office supplies aren’t mere luxuries. They’re the unassuming workplace helpers, eliminating the occupational onus of being ill-equipped for day-to-day tasks. Aside from the fact that our products leave you with bountiful store cupboards, you can happily fill each shelf without fretting about the impact on your business finances. ODL’s primary concern is that customers are beyond satisfied with our supplies. As we see it, part and parcel of that service is a competitive price for these essentials that doesn’t blow your monthly budget. Couple this with our various delivery options covering the whole of the UK, and your office functionality is but a click away.

    With increased business productivity, comes an increased need for appropriate supplies. Pre-empt your supply needs by browsing the full-range of our products online today. Alternatively, you can order today by giving our ever-helpful sales team a ring on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Bubbling about Bubble Wrap

    We all remember the days of merrily stomping on, rolling over, or otherwise popping the left-over bubble wrap peeking out from our parents’ latest delivery. Here at ODL, however, we’re rather more protective towards our bubble wrap. How can we get quite so excited about these air-filled pockets of plastic, you ask? Well, we’re bursting to show you...

    Comfortably Cushioned

    Whatever it is you may be delivering, it is of utmost importance that the product itself remains intact and in doing so, as does your business reputation. The transit process is a hairy one- from being passed through the packaging area, bundled into the delivery van, and finally unloaded at its destination, your cargo faces a series of risks. Blanketing fragile items in a covering of cushioned bubble wrap drastically reduces the chance of damage and, subsequently, of your business incurring unexpected costs. The bubbles’ shock absorption means they quite literally take the ‘wrap’ for you.

    Lightweight Delivery

    We want to ensure that delivering your product is a cost-effective exercise. This is done in one of two ways: firstly, making sure that the item is safe (as we’ve already covered), and secondly, eliminating the worry of excessively heavy packaging. It comes as no surprise that these bubbled sheets, made up of air and polyethylene, are virtually feather-light. This makes bubble wrap a practical choice, coupling it with most external packaging to avoid those unpleasant surcharges.

    Environmentally Friendly

    If you’re looking to showcase your business’s green credentials, it may surprise you that an unassuming roll of bubble wrap is an ideal way to do so. With our product being 100% recyclable, you will be assured of minimising your carbon footprint. By using bubble wrap, you’ll simultaneously build your company’s credibility, demonstrating an implicit awareness of environmental issues. Nowadays more than ever it is imperative your company acknowledges this. What’s more, bubble wrap is versatile, and can be reused and repurposed according to your customers’ need. As that time-honoured saying goes, ‘bubble wrap is for life, not just for Christmas’...well, something like that.

    If your faith in bubble wrap has been restored, hop onto our website to have a closer look at what’s available. Browse the full range of our high-quality products online or give our friendly sales team a call on 01785 76 00 55 to order today.

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