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  • 3 Ways to Personalise Your Christmas Gifts This Year

    The time of giving is here. Christmas is a magical season where gifts are exchanged by the millions. Whether you are a business sending mass packages or someone gifting something special to a loved one, adding a personal flair is a perfect way to show you care.

    Handwritten Labels

    Handwriting labels on your packages this Christmas is a small but effective way to make your packages more special for those receiving them. Something as simple as a pretty label can make a world of difference, especially when you write them on our beautiful range of coloured card.

    Wrap to Impress

    Nothing says caring like a well-wrapped Christmas package, and we have the means to do it. Our range of printed mailing bags, metallic card and tissue paper, can all be added to your gifts for that special personal touch. Taking a little extra time to impress your customers, is an investment in your business’s future.

    Bespoke Packaging

    As a business, Christmas can be a make or break time for customer retention, and you want to provide them with a memorable service. Here at ODL Packaging we create and dispatch a wide range of bespoke packaging, from envelopes precisely the size your business needs, or bags with your brand logo printed on them. We can even help you create your design!

    For more information on how ODL can help your business this Christmas or to talk to us about your product requirements, call us on 01785 76 00 55 or complete our online form today.

  • Christmas Packaging in The Bag

    When Christmas comes around, it’s time to switch up your business’s packaging solutions. Are you sending products (or gifts!) and would like to keep up with the festivities? Then you need to move on from the brown bags and boxes and post something with a pop of personality. We have a range of products that can help show you care this Christmas.

    Mailing Bags

    Manufactured from a durable plastic material, we have a joyful selection of printed mailing bags. Adorned with polka dots, they are an excellent way to send soft items and garments this season. Great at protection from the onslaught of rain and cold weather your package is bound to see on its journey.

    Printed Polka Dot Mailing Bags 6" x 9" 162mm x 230mm

    Tissue Paper

    Excellent for adding little extra security to fragile packages while also giving it a  pop of colour, our coloured tissue paper is the perfect way to add some je ne sais quoi to your Christmas items.

    Acid Free Coloured Tissue Paper 500mm x 750mm (20" x 30") 18GSM


    Our Christmas bubbled envelopes are always a big seller this time of year, as a versatile alternative to regular envelopes. With a fully laminated foil exterior and a protective bubble lining, they offer cushioning for any items going in the mail. Available in two different sizes, you can pack and send a variety of products.

    Christmas Bubble Mailing Bags

    Coloured Card

    If you are writing a personalised note or crafting up something special, our A4 holographic card is the perfect way to give your items and a touch of character. Available in the festive colours of; silver, red, gold and green, the coloured card is an attractive method to personalise your customer's order, for a bespoke experience.

    A4 Holographic Coloured Card 220gsm

    Christmas Is the time for joy and shopping, and if you want to keep your customers happy and keep them coming back all year round, then it’s also the time to impress.

  • Your Business’s Winter Packaging Needs - Covered!

    Unlike most sensible creatures in the animal kingdom, humans don’t hibernate for the winter. In fact, it’s the busiest season for sales. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are prepared, and that means having a solid packaging solution in place. In case you don’t think of it all, we have broken down some of the essential points when researching winter packaging needs:

    Stock Up

    As Christmas is approaching, businesses should expect to see an increase in sales, therefore you’ll need to increase your packing solutions accordingly. Here at ODL Packaging, we sell all our products in a variety of wholesale deals, with items like our grey plastic mailing bags available in quantities from 10 to 10,000!

    Protect Fragile Items

    Although protecting fragile items should be important all year round, in the time of year when postal carriers are dealing with an increased number of packages, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We can supply you with bubble wrap, bubble bags and tissue paper to help guarantee your package gets from A to B safely.

    Weather Protection

    Winter in the UK means one thing, awful weather conditions. To protect your package from the onslaught of rain, wind and the occasional snow-fall, our airtight, lightweight and waterproof mailing bags are perfect for the job.

    Showcase Festive Cheer

    Packing and sending your items in a fun and festive way has now never been easier. With our Christmas mailing bags now available, we can provide the perfect means to show you care. Tis' nearly the season to be jolly after all!

    For all of your packaging needs, all year round, have a look at our range of products here or call a member of our friendly team on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Delightful Discounts From ODL

    Here at ODL, we’ve got one simple ethos; to provide the best packaging supplies at cost-effective prices. We care about our customers and work hard to ensure that they’re getting the most from their packaging budgets, which is why our prices are always competitive. But what if we told you that you could get even better discounts by registering with us? It doesn’t matter if you buy a monthly mound of mail bags or an envelope every so often, you can sign up whatever your budget; check out the full article below to start saving.

    Bulk Buying

    Customers that register with us are entitled to some huge discounts, starting with 10% off every order over £100! But if you’re not a big spender don’t panic, registering can still slash your spending as we also offer 5% off orders over £50 and 7.5% of every order between £50-£100.  Signing up is simple and you can even do it while placing your order. We know you don’t want to spend an age dotting ‘I’’s and crossing ‘T’’s so we keep our form short and simple at just one page in length. I bet we know what you’re thinking: “here comes a swathe of unwanted emails about bubble wrap and ring binders.” Nope! ODL won’t bombard you with marketing, so there really are no downsides.

    Simplified Savings

    All you need to do is choose a username, enter your email address and we’ll send you a confirmation email, temporary password and your discount code. Just follow the instructions on the email and place your order as you usually would, then when you’ve selected the perfect packaging continue to the checkout. Enter your code alongside your payment details, click ‘apply to order’ and hey presto! Your total to pay has plummeted. What’s even better is your unique code can be used over and over again, so no need for new coupons or registrations.

    The discounts we provide only apply to the item price, please note that all of our products are inclusive of a 20% VAT charge which cannot be reduced. If you forget to use your code we cannot apply discounts after the order is completed, so keep your code handy as not to forget.

    If you want fantastic discounts on your next ODL purchase register now and browse our extensive range for all your packaging solutions and office supplies.

  • Passion and Packaging: How to make a good impression on Valentine’s Day

    Whether you’re a chocolatier, card manufacturer or just a hopeless romantic, Valentine’s Day is big business. It’s second to Christmas for consumer purchases and last year over 980 million pounds was spent on the romantic day. Why spend hours forming the perfect product line or routing out a personal present, just to deliver it in a dull paper bag? You need to dress it to impress!

    Packaging that performs      

    It seems simple but it is important to consider the size, material, and protection of your packaging to ensure your goods arrive in pristine condition. After all, you’re trying to set the benchmark high and woo the recipient with the goods, so at the very least your packaging needs to perform. If you’re sending anything fragile, add a layer of bubble wrap, waterproof your electronics and make certain boxes are snug, so your products retain their quality in transit.

    Luxury look

    It might usually be an afterthought, but the exterior packaging is the first thing your customer or date will see, so it is vital that it appeals to them, to guarantee repeat purchases (or dates!). Everybody knows Valentine’s Day is all about the extra effort so gift wrapping these products is a sure fire way to impress. Whether you’ve opted for tissue paper, boxes, mailbags, or a combination of all three, your packaging should be stylish. Try opting for romantic reds or muted maroons to convey vivid Valentine’s vibes.

    Get personal

    For really praiseworthy packaging, personalisation adds the final finesse. Adding a loving limerick or mushy memo onto your parcels, is a nice touch that reminds the customer of their value and your commitment to them. Portraying your dedication to diary dates can reinforce your customer focus and solidify your business reputation.

    With our diverse selection of mailbags, boxes, and envelopes we can help you put passion in your packaging this Valentine’s Day. To discuss our bespoke services or place an order call our team on 01785 76 00 55 or email

  • Sales Season is Here | Mailing Bags

    Stay a step ahead of the retail game with our essential mailing bags. From Boxing Day bargains to January sales, the post-Christmas clearances are looming. The good news is your shop or online store can pre-empt purchases with our supply of grey and coloured polythene mailing bags. Curious? Read on to learn more.

    Cope With Demand

    We don’t need to tell you twice that the months of December and January see spectacular surges in spending. Whilst this is great for business, it undoubtedly requires some dedicated forward-thinking. Thanks to our wide array of reliable mailing bags available in a range of quantities, you can ensure your business is fully stocked up with this time-efficient, easy-to-use packaging, averting any crises as the orders flood in.

    Defy the Drizzle

    Talking of floods, these winter months are hardly renowned for sunshine and drizzle-free days. With this in mind, our quality mailing bags provide an essential layer of waterproof protection throughout your products’ delivery.  From averting the threat of water damage to avoiding odours and product discolouration, our durable mailing bags are specifically designed to prevent rips and tears.

    Plan ahead and select your preferred quantity of mailing bags today. Alternatively, feel free to call our friendly sales team to discuss your options on 01785 76 00 55.

  • Be Mailing Bag Ready

    Package Your Online Sales

    So the Christmas season is encroaching, the sales are ramping up and the festive advertising is building to a fever pitch. Fact is, with this buzz of activity, more and more people are choosing to complete their Christmas shopping online. With our quality mailing bags, your business can take advantage of the shift from overcrowded high street to the more selective internet realm, letting you get ahead of the packaging game.

    Better Safe than Sorry

    You’ve impressed the customer with your company product, and now all that’s left to do is make sure they lay their hands on their yuletide purchase safe and sound. Thanks to the humble mailing bag, you can do exactly that without any of the worry of traditional paper-based postage options. Made of co-extruded waterproof plastic, you can rest assured that our durable grey and coloured mailing bags keep your items protected throughout delivery, in spite of the whims of the winter weather.

    First Impressions Count

    On arrival, the last thing you want is a tired and tattered parcel left on your customer’s doorstep. Coming in a vast variety of colours and sizes, you can select a vibrant mailing bag that makes a big first impression. Although it might be a gift for a friend or family, your customers should still enjoy the excitement of opening a perfectly presented product.

    Make sure your retail business is mailing bag ready this Christmas with our diverse selection of quality mailers. Call our friendly team on 01785 76 00 55 to order your supply today.

  • How Mailing Bags Transform Online Retail

    Working in online retail means you’re bombarded with ever-changing branding tactics, with each month demanding a new, innovative approach to your marketing strategy. Amongst this rush of internet activity, it can be easy to forget the simple effectiveness of good packaging; namely, our mailing bags. Find out how this quality product can single-handedly transform your business brand.

    Make an Event of It

    You might not think of it in these terms, but online retail really is about theatre. Create a sense of anticipation for your product’s arrival before following through with a sleek piece of packaging and your ‘audience’ will applaud you for it. With our quality range of coloured and grey mailing bags, all of which feature tamper-proof self-seal strips, you can professionally present your product whilst protecting it on the way. Wondering how customers will thank you? In the form of return custom. Having been the recipient of a positive consumer experience, they’re significantly more likely to now place their trust (and purchases) in your mail order company. It’s like we said: some simple but effective packaging has the potential to reinforce your business reputation.

    Broaden Your Branding

    If you had a chance to extend your marketing, would you take it? The fact is, your branding doesn’t have to stop once a consumer has placed an order and closed their internet browser. Using ODL’s professional printing services, you can apply essential information or vibrant images onto your mailing bags. In doing so, your branding can literally get to the customer’s doorstep.

    With marketing potential aplenty, our mailing bags have more going for them than just their waterproof qualities. Stock up online or call us today on 01785 760055 to discuss our personalised printing options.

  • 3 Business Benefits of Carrier Bags

    You might not expect it, but the humble carrier bag can pack quite the punch when it comes to reinforcing your retail business brand. From boutique clothing shops to independent electronics stores, ODL has some unmissable business benefits to, quite literally, pull out of the bag. Read on to find out more.

    1. The Professional Look

    Ever left a shop with a dull sense of disappointment, your new purchase unceremoniously stuffed into a somewhat tatty, re-used bag? Whilst we fully endorse the re-use of plastic bags for your weekly grocery shop, it hardly lends an air of professionalism to your retail image. With this in mind, our top quality black and gold stripe plastic carrier bags let you maintain standards thanks to their chic design, showing customers that all-important attention to detail.

    2. Stand Out

    Fact is, if you don’t shout about your business, no one else will. That said, this doesn’t mean you have to resort to brazen advertising tactics. Sometimes, it’s the simple marketing ideas that offer the best returns. With our range of varigauge carrier bags available in 8 vibrant colours, you can send out satisfied customers who subtly promote your brand with the eye-catching carriers. Better yet, you can go one step further and take advantage of our bespoke and printing services, applying your business logo and information directly onto your wholesale carrier bags. After all, why leave it a blank canvas?

    3. A Green Reputation

    Overlook the importance of sourcing recyclable products and your business could be facing an eco battering. With our carrier bags, you can be sure of a fully recyclable option, dismissing any lingering environmental concerns. On the flip side, it’s also possible to simply re-use our carrier bags thanks to their durable design. Featuring a double thickness of 90 microns to prevent wear and tear around the handle, plus a 4” reinforced bottom gusset, our varigauge carrier bags aren’t giving way any time soon.

    Bag a deal with our quality wholesale carrier bags, available in a wide range of sizes and quantities. Alternatively, feel free to call our helpful sales team on 01785 760055 with any enquiries.

  • Why Choose Mailing Bags?

    Perhaps you’re more of a traditionalist, sticking to the old faithful cardboard boxes over modern polythene mailing bags for your mail order business. Certainly, when it comes to heavy-weight items, you do need an appropriately robust packaging solution. And yet, for all the virtues of the simple box, ODL is singing the praises of the versatile Mailing Bag. Find out the four deal-breakers in our latest blog.

    1. No Water Worries

    Whether you’re sending clothing, consumables, books or any other selection of items, a constant concern is the weather. With the reputation of your business riding on the safe delivery of your products, it simply isn’t worth chancing it with permeable packaging. This is where the waterproof qualities of our polythene mailing bags really shine through. Our Tri-Extruded plastic grey mailing bags, for instance, incorporate a total of three layers of protection, successfully warding off water damage and any potential scuffs during the delivery process.

    2. Lightweight

    We believe packaging solutions ought to be cost-effective in the long run, not just at the check-out. Thanks to their lightweight nature, our polythene mailing bags help clients to significantly cut their postage costs. Not only is this convenient for your own budget, but it also increases the likelihood of repeat business for your company. High delivery prices are the second biggest reason for customers abandoning their shopping cart mid-way through purchase. In short, cut your shipping costs and boost your business.

    3. Environmental Impact

    Contrary to popular belief, polythene bags are in fact 100% recyclable, making them a truly sustainable option. Not only that, ODL goes to every effort to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly from manufacture to disposal. In this way, both our grey and coloured mailing bags are made from fully recycled plastic.

    4. There’s Allsorts

    After all, no two businesses are ever the same. With that in mind, we offer a vast array of sizes, colours and features with our inexpensive, high-quality mailing bags. From our 6” x 9” coloured mailing bags available in 7 different colours, to our 24” x 36” economy grey mailers, we cater for variety.  Better yet, ODL also offers a personalised printing service, letting you emblazon stock mailing bags with your business designs or marketing messages. What better way to promote your brand?

    Simply select your preferred quantity and bag a deal today. Alternatively, feel free to call our friendly sales team to discuss your options on 01785 76 00 55.

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