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  • Waterproof without the Weight

    The Proof is in the Packaging

    The weather might be getting a little warmer, and daylight streaming through your windows at 6AM might make climbing out of bed a little easier, but in Britain, the spring season is no guarantee of a dry day - in fact, every season is pretty much rainy season on our small island. Apart from being a little depressing whilst you’re sat staring out of the office window, rain and water damage can pose a serious risk to your parcels when they’re in transit. The question is, however, how can you make sure your parcels are waterproof without putting on excess weight? Well, you can start by reading this blog...

    Stellar Seller Reputation

    Water leaking into your parcels can cause all sorts of (often quite expensive) damage, causing electrical items to malfunction, dyeing soft goods and apparel, and even harming collector friendly packaging. Incidents such as these don’t just incur financial cost, but can prove particularly damaging to your brand and customer relations, something you’ll probably want to avoid if your business is staked on your seller reputation.

    Our mailing bags come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours (we even do ‘Economy Grey’ ones if you’re sending some serious - or boring - parcels) and are the perfect way to stop water getting into your packages without piling on the pounds. Manufactured from a hardwearing co-extruded plastic, they’re designed to offer 100% waterproof protection throughout the transit process - meaning that goods won’t get damp, and carrying virtually no risk of dyeing or colour bleeding. Coming in at 55 micron, and being fitted as standard with a strong self seal strip, they actively prevent wear and tear during transit, and thus clearly indicate when parcels have been tampered with during the postage process. They’re also highly versatile, making them the perfect solution for sending clothes, shoes or other soft goods; mailing bags can be delivered in small letter boxes where conventional postal boxes wouldn’t fit. Their naturally water-resistant quality also means that then can be left in designated safe areas with increased consumer confidence.

    When Boxed Is Better

    Sometimes, however, if you’re sending fragile goods (such as collectors’ items or electrical appliances), boxed is most certainly better. If you are considering using a postal box, why not try wrapping the goods in a mailing bag internally for extra protection? Alternatively, tightly wound bubble wrap offers a similar level of water proofing whilst protecting valuable goods from bumps and knocks in transit. (Then again, we would say all this, seeing as we’re the ones selling all these packaging products). Regardless of how you choose to package your items internally, remember to thoroughly seal all edges and seams of the box carefully with tape, covering all potential cracks or openings for water to seep in. Dedicated ‘Documents Enclosed’ wallets are also a great way to ensure sensitive documents like receipts or invoices stay dry when you need them to.

    Dry Something New Today

    ODL stock all sorts of fun and functional packaging supplies on our website, affording you and your parcels peace of mind and protection. Browse through our full lines of waterproof and protective items online today.

  • Building That Perfect Package

    Good Things Come in ODL Packages

    With more transactions than ever being recorded online, and a record number of parcels being sent and received across the globe every minute, it’s no wonder brands are looking for the secret to the perfect package. Well we don’t just sell packaging, we also package the packaging that we sell, and we think that pretty much makes us an authority in - you guessed it - packaging. Creating the perfect package is about carefully balancing weight and protection, looking at your parcels not only as a means to an end, but also as a unique branding opportunity. Check out the following blog for the ultimate packaging hacks.

    Send it Safe

    Whether you’re selling jewellery or otherwise fragile items, or even collector merchandise and technology, there’s one motto you should always be abiding by: send it safely. It seems a bit sneaky coming from packaging suppliers, but you shouldn’t be afraid to shell out a little more on bubble wrap, tape and mailing boxes in order to ensure your package arrives safely. Those extra few pounds you spend on packaging supplies can easily be made back, but damaged items and the resulting negative customer feedback is understandably much harder to resolve.

    Creating the perfect package, then, is a precarious balancing act between weight and protection; in an ideal world you’d find items that added layers of protection without piling on the pounds. The great news is that that world exists, and you can find it here. Remember first of all that there’s inherent safety (and savings) in numbers; if you’re sending multiple items to one address, be sure to package them together to save on postage costs. It’s important, however, to ensure items are properly anchored within the package itself - use tissue paper (or bubble wrap, if you’re feeling flush) to ensure items don’t slide around and damage one another. If you’re sending individual items, consider forgoing mailing boxes altogether in favour of watertight mailing bags and layers of protective cover.

    A Brand New Image

    Great packaging isn’t just about protection, however, it’s about perception. When your packages are out and about, whether they’re going through a sorting office, being carried down the street or even waiting in a lobby, they’re receiving impressions (that’s basically marketing speak for “people are seeing them”). With that in mind, what do you want people to notice when they see your items, a dull manila envelope or a vibrant, distinctive parcel? With ODL’s custom packaging option, you can affordably join brands like Amazon, Graze and more to deliver parcels uniquely emblazoned with your logo and branding. Failing that, you can pick up some patterned mailing bags to help stand out from the crowd a bit.

    Package Perfect

    Perfecting those parcels isn’t hard or expensive, but it will have a dramatic effect on your customer service and satisfaction, in turn helping to boost sales and margins. With custom branding options, you can take your packages further, turning bland or unnoticeable parcels into vivid, distinctive items; talk to us today about custom branding options on 01785 760 055.

  • Bet You Didn’t Expect That From Packaging Suppliers

    More Than Your Average Packaging Company

    If the team here at ODL had a pound for every time one of our customers turned around to us, slightly stunned, and said “Oh - I didn’t realise you sold those!” we’d have a solid... well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be spending our days packing bubble wrap in the workshop. When we set up ODL, we wanted to become a convenient, one-stop-shop service for offices, distributors and sellers around the country, offering a whole range of stationery and packaging supplies. Because let’s face it, if you’re ordering loads of envelopes with us, you’ll probably need paper to fill them with, likewise if you’re purchasing rolls and rolls of bubble wrap, you’re going to be needing postal boxes to put them in.

    The point being, here at ODL we stock a wide range of supplies for the modern business, and we wanted to use this opportunity to tell you all about them.

    Office Party

    Although many wouldn’t care to admit it, we’ve made enough deliveries to know that everyone secretly loves new stationery day at the office, which is why we strive to offer a wide range affordable, convenient products, all from our website. You might regularly order paper from us that goes on to be used in pitches and very important looking meetings, but did you know that you could be delivering those same meetings on our range of whiteboards and notice boards? Alternatively, that same paper on which you print your memos, letters and minutes could very well be trimmed using our trimmers, or even filed and stored efficiently using our vibrant ringbinders and dividers. And you know what they say: “Clean ring binder, clean mind” - right?

    Spoilt For Choice

    The wide range of non-standard products we offer, however, isn’t just limited to office supplies and stationery; our product lines are carefully chosen to cater to every requirement of the modern ecommerce retailer. Yes of course we sell the normal stuff; we’ve got more postal boxes than you can shake a stick at, and enough rolls of bubble wrap to survive a considerable fall. But did you know that we also offer a wide range of mailing bags, metallic bubble bags and capacity book mailers to help keep distribution costs down whilst affording your parcels the protection they deserve? No? We thought that might be the case.

    Range without Compromise

    Whether this is your first order or your five-hundredth, ODL invites you to explore our website today to learn more about the wide variety of products we sell. Customers can save time, effort and (most importantly) money, by placing orders with us directly - you can even Register with ODL to receive further discounts on our premium stock! Now, we bet you weren’t expecting to hear that from a packaging company today, were you?

  • Protecting Yourself from Product Returns

    On The Road Again

    It’s a common misconception held by many ecommerce retailers, small and large, that a customer converts when they pay for an item. Although, technically speaking, this is the case, the rise of “Free returns” policies and cheap delivery rates mean that more products bought online are now sent back to the retailer than ever before.  Shopping trends indicate that those who buy goods online, from clothes to technology, don’t necessarily consider themselves to have made a purchase straightaway, but are rather trying the item with a potential view to returning it. In reality then, the actual conversion takes place when the item arrives and the customer is satisfied with its condition.

    Transit Trouble

    Although it’s impossible to account for peace of mind (consumers are likely to return products based on their appearance ‘in real life’ as opposed to online), there are a number of measures you can take to ensure your items arrive in a presentable, secure condition. You might, as a company, stand for product quality and customer satisfaction, but unless you personally deliver your own items, it’s difficult to vouch for the safety of the package whilst it’s in transit. That being said, in order to give your products the best chance during this busy festive period, it’s important to invest in the right packaging supplies.

    The outer packaging of your products is important for a number of reasons; not only should it provide a high level of protection for your items, but it’s also a vital chance to make the right impression on your consumer. In the depths of British winter, your parcels can be subject to any number of extreme conditions including rain, sleet and snow, which is why water-tight packaging is of paramount importance. All of our mailing bags are manufactured from a highly durable polythene composite, meaning they can withstand the toughest winter conditions, and afford a much higher level of protection than wrapping paper or boxes. Although they’re normally used for soft goods such as clothes or garments, wrapping boxed products (from luxury items to consumer technology) in a mailing bag is a great way to achieve an additional layer of protection.

    Handle With Care

    Protecting packages from the elements is one thing, but ensuring fragile items arrive in pristine condition is another. ODL stock a range of products to help secure your items without adding too much weight, and thus driving up distribution costs. Our popular bubble wrap products are available in a range of sizes to suit the retailer’s needs, and use sealed air pockets to provide a versatile buffer for products without adding excessive amounts of weight. Using bubble wrap, we advise sellers to anchor products firmly within the outer packaging to ensure they don’t move around within the parcel. When it comes to luxury or particularly delicate products such as jewellery, collectibles or merchandise, we’d also heavily advise you to invest in Fragile Tape. Although various parts of the transit process are now heavily automated, fragile tape encourages those handling your product to take extra care whilst it’s being processed.

    Feedback Fear

    No one likes to be disappointed when items arrive late or in poor condition, and although shipping isn’t necessarily your responsibility, customer satisfaction is. With evermore ways for consumers to provide feedback online, ensuring your customers are happy has never been more important. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in the right packaging, and ensure that your products arrive safe and secure. Protect your products from returns; shop secure, durable packaging supplies today at our website.

  • Christmas Packaging without the Palaver

    Here at ODL Packaging, we appreciate that between sorting out the food, battling through insatiable Black Friday crowds and actually buying the presents themselves, wrapping your gifts and items is probably the least of your worries. Nonetheless, we understand that not everyone knows quite how to wrap a pristine present - believe it or not, neither do some of us! What we do know about, however, is packaging supplies; that’s why over Christmas, we’re stocking a range of fun, easy-to-use items to protect your parcels and let you get back to the things that matter.

    Christmas in the Bag

    Whether you’re selling items online through an eBay page, distributing them internationally through an ecommerce site, or just sending gifts to friends and family, your packaging matters. Remember that the appearance and security of your packages is an important area for customer feedback, and let’s face it - no one likes receiving a parcel that looks as though it has fallen off the back of the postman’s van. Our printed metallic bubble bags are a great way to infuse a little festive spirit into smaller packages, whilst ensuring the valuable items inside remain safe and secure. Sold in packs that include a rich Forest Green, and a deep Autumn Red, these metallic mailing bags are finished with a snowflake pattern to add a touch of distinction and seasonal cheer to your parcels. As with our wider range of bubble bags, they’re lined with air pockets to help protect your items in transit.

    For larger items, we stock a variety of seasonal printed mailing bags; ideally suited to transporting garments and other soft goods, these mailing bags are a lightweight means of ensuring your gifts and wares stand out. At a fraction of the weight of traditional postage boxes, our mailing bags are a fantastic way to help keep shipping costs low, regardless of whether you’re sending presents or products this Christmas. With Peal & Seal sealing for your convenience, these eye-catching mailing bags help you to save time when you’re at your busiest this festive period. What’s more, with a captivating professional snow flake finish, you might not even have to wrap the presents at all - great if your wrapping skills leave much to be desired!

    Cheat Sheets

    Of course, in some cases, the outer packaging is only half of the issue; how can you ensure your items remain secure within the package whilst still preserving that festive feel? The answer: tissue paper. As a packaging pointer from the experts, scrunching up balls of tissue paper is a great way to ensure the items don’t move around inside the parcel, further securing them against transit damage. ODL now stocks single-sided metallic tissue paper, available in both gold and silver, at our website. In addition to providing an extra layer of security, using tissue paper alongside a postal box, for example, is a quick and easy way to create a gift hamper that looks very prestigious, without the un-necessary time and hassle of wrapping each item individually.

    That’s a Wrap

    If your present wrapping know-how isn’t quite up to scratch this Christmas, save time, effort and (most importantly) money with some simple yet attractive solutions available at our website today. Selling online this Christmas? Invest in some distinctive alternatives to traditional packaging to help your products and items stand out in what is sure to be the busiest festive period to date. Browse our entire range of products online today, and Like our Facebook page for more offers and advice.

  • Getting Creative with Your Packaging

    With such an endless wealth of e-commerce retailers operating in today’s market, having a functional website or a strong reputation is no longer enough to ensure your products get the recognition they deserve. Standing out from the crowd, however, is a difficult and potentially expensive endeavour that might not necessarily generate the return you’re hoping for. In most cases, the way in which your products are packaged is one the first (and perhaps most important) impressions of your company that your consumers receive, and thus shouldn’t be neglected as a means of carving out your own brand identity. Read on for more information about how ODL’s range of non-standard items can help breath a bit of life into your parcels.

    Thinking Outside the Box

    If you do a lot of your business through third party sites such as eBay or Amazon, your consumers’ opinions of you will be limited solely to what they read in your listed reviews. From a buyer’s perspective this is highly useful, but it doesn’t exactly help you to build a constructive brand image. When it comes to packaging, most online vendors choose to play it safe, opting for cardboard boxes that offer security without adding too much weight. For a lot of fragile items, postal boxes are more than sufficient (in fact you can find a range of them here), but we at ODL also stock a number of unconventional packaging solutions that could potentially build your brand without costing the earth.

    Owing to their lightweight, water-resistant nature, mailing bags are increasingly being adopted by large brands such as ASOS or Topshop to help their products stand out in the transit process. Here at ODL, we sell mailing bags in a wide range of vibrant colours and unique patterns to help demarcate your brand from other, more generic sellers on the market; browse through our range today to find a design to suit your image. Alternative, perhaps your packages require a little more in the way of protection? For more expensive, fragile items, we also have a range of distinctive bubble lined bags that help to consolidate branding without compromising security.

    It’s What’s Inside That Counts

    Of course, the outside packaging only represents a portion of the consumer’s experience, which is why it’s no surprise that online sellers are getting increasingly creative when it comes to their internal packaging too. A vast number of vendors are now choosing to offer unique gift-wrapping options, taking extra time to package their items carefully in order to cement their brand image and offer the consumer a much more tailored experience. ODL stock a range tissue paper and card products in a variety of alluring colours and tones, designed specifically to give your packages a bit more personality. Why not make a change from conventional bubble wrap? Choose instead to secure your items with a vivid array of tissue paper creations and make a stronger statement with your packaging.

    Making an Impact

    Opting away from traditional methods of packaging is just one of the ways in which you can start to build your brand, as either an amateur seller or a boutique operation, in today’s oversaturated market. Making an impression with your parcels needn’t require much investment, but it could help to convince your consumers that their’s is a much more unique, tailored experience. Browse the full extent of our wares at our website today, and see how ODL can help you to realise your ideal brand image through unique packaging solutions.

  • Finding The Right Packaging For Your Products

    ODL have been supplying packaging solutions, both innovative and conventional, to a range of amateur sellers, individuals and large businesses alike for several years, but we don’t just fulfil orders and distribute supplies; instead we work with our customers, delivering recommendations based on their requirements. It’s with this service in mind that we’ve compiled the following blog, which is designed to advise our customers as to which of our products are best suited to their needs, regardless of their budgets.

    A Weighty Issue

    Whether you occasionally sell items on sites such as Gumtree or eBay, or in fact have made an enterprise out of exporting goods across the world, postage and packaging is a business expense that, if left unaccounted for, can drastically affect your profit margins. The majority of postage services calculate costs based on the following three factors; weight, shape and delivery time. Naturally, the time it takes to deliver your parcel is at your discretion, depending also on how much your customers are willing to pay for postage, which means you have to pay close attention to both the weight and size of your package.

    Shape Yourself

    Taking the Royal Mail as a working example, parcels are by-and-large classified as one of three categories depending on their size; Small (45cm X 35cm X 16cm), Medium (61cm X 46cm X 46cm) and Large (anything exceeding the previous specifications); obviously, the smaller the parcel, the lower the postage costs. ODL stock a range of postal boxes that are designed to offer the utmost protection whilst minimising weight and maximising spatial potential; hence, if you need to send something that requires hard, protective packaging, take time to work out its exact dimensions before packing it.

    By opting for smaller packaging, you’re not only reducing the overall postage costs, but also cutting down on weight involved in securing the item internally. Alternatively, if you’re posting other items such as clothing or apparel, we’d urge you to consider our purpose-built mailing bags. Watertight by design and fitted with tamper-proof seals as standard, our mailing bags can also be bent and shaped along with your products, making them versatile enough to fit into most Small Parcel categories, and be posted easily through the vast majority of letter boxes.

    Protecting Your Product

    Distributing your items, however, is only part of the issue; it is your responsibility as a seller to make sure they arrive un-damaged, or in the condition as otherwise specified. Securing your items internally within the outer packaging seems like a straightforward task; however, unless you take extra precautions to monitor your package’s weight, it could end up driving distribution costs up overall.

    Although most amateur sellers opt for excess materials such as spare newspapers to package their items, we at ODL would heavily recommend opting for air-pocketed bubble wrap. Available cheaply from our website, bubble-wrap offers an unparalleled level of protection for all of your items, can easily be wrapped around or affixed to them, and most importantly does little to add to the package’s overall mass. Alternatively, if you want your brand to stand out a little amongst your competitors, tissue paper represents a vibrant contrast that’s a highly effective form of securing your products without necessarily adding too much weight. Remember that whenever you’re posting any form of valuable item, from electrical goods to collectibles and jewellery, be sure to clearly label the item as fragile in order to avoid undue superficial damage; ODL also stock adhesive ‘Fragile’ tape to save time without compromising package security.

    Profiting From Packaging

    Packaging your items efficiently needn’t be a time-consuming or expensive exercise; with a little common sense and some affordable supplies, you can maintain a healthy retail business, develop an online empire or even just make a spare bit of money from old stuff you have lying around. When you’re packaging your wares for distribution, it’s important to try and keep both size and weight down at all times, without compromising on your parcel’s security or protection. Here at ODL we have a wide range of supplies to cater to all sorts of sellers - browse through our products today to find out how we can help you. Alternatively, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, get in contact with us directly and we’ll be happy to try and help you out.

  • ODL News Updates

    We will be posting updates about the latest goings-on at ODL Packaging!

    Keep an eye out for them.

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