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Christmas Packaging in The Bag

When Christmas comes around, it’s time to switch up your business’s packaging solutions. Are you sending products (or gifts!) and would like to keep up with the festivities? Then you need to move on from the brown bags and boxes and post something with a pop of personality. We have a range of products that can help show you care this Christmas.

Mailing Bags

Manufactured from a durable plastic material, we have a joyful selection of printed mailing bags. Adorned with polka dots, they are an excellent way to send soft items and garments this season. Great at protection from the onslaught of rain and cold weather your package is bound to see on its journey.

Printed Polka Dot Mailing Bags 6" x 9" 162mm x 230mm

Tissue Paper

Excellent for adding little extra security to fragile packages while also giving it a  pop of colour, our coloured tissue paper is the perfect way to add some je ne sais quoi to your Christmas items.

Acid Free Coloured Tissue Paper 500mm x 750mm (20" x 30") 18GSM


Our Christmas bubbled envelopes are always a big seller this time of year, as a versatile alternative to regular envelopes. With a fully laminated foil exterior and a protective bubble lining, they offer cushioning for any items going in the mail. Available in two different sizes, you can pack and send a variety of products.

Christmas Bubble Mailing Bags

Coloured Card

If you are writing a personalised note or crafting up something special, our A4 holographic card is the perfect way to give your items and a touch of character. Available in the festive colours of; silver, red, gold and green, the coloured card is an attractive method to personalise your customer's order, for a bespoke experience.

A4 Holographic Coloured Card 220gsm

Christmas Is the time for joy and shopping, and if you want to keep your customers happy and keep them coming back all year round, then it’s also the time to impress.