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3 Reasons to let Labels Lead the Way

In the current digital age where technology is advancing every day, it’s easy to dismiss more traditional mailing methods. Take the trusty label, invented in the mid-1930s they’ve been tried, tested and used by industries across the world ever since. Despite advancing shipping solutions, there are good reasons why they’ve ‘stuck around’ for the long haul. Read on to discover how the simple white label can really pack a punch for your business.

Brand Boosting

Personalising your labels is a great way to reinforce your brand and although it sounds trivial, when your customer receives their package, the label is the first thing they see, so why not use the label to shape a strong first impression?  Creating an attractive label is easy, when you buy adhesive stickers from us, as they come backed on an A4 sheet, so can easily slide into an office printer. Whether you choose to bolster your brand by emblazoning them with a logo or write a personalised message of thanks, these little touches really make a difference when it comes to clients making repeat purchases. If that all sounds like too much hassle, don’t forget that ODL has a bespoke printing service; just purchase your desired labels,  send your design and we’ll do the work for you.

No Transit Troubles

ODL’s labels are self-adhesive, so the stress of shipping orders on time is minimised. There’s no fumbling around for tape and untidy scrawling on scrap paper. Simply write or print your address, peel off and stick onto your outbound mail. By having a clean crisp and concise address label you can rest easy knowing that your goods will be couriered with minimal disruption, to a happy customer at the end of the line.

More than Just Mailing

Besides boosting your brand and being a good accompaniment to postage, the use of labels is versatile. Maybe you’d just like to categorise your stationary draw, create some pigeonholes or keep your snacks from being stolen from the office fridge! Whatever it is you want to put a name on, our white labels will make it stand out and bring some order back into your workplace.

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